FendVPN Docs

Architecture overview

Integrate VPN into your product

How it looks like?

Fend.ai allows you to integrate VPN facility into your application in few steps. It's built on top of next technologies:
  1. 1.
    OAuth as a provider-specific authentication for clients.
  2. 2.
    JWT as an intermediate standardized authenticator for inter-service requests.
  3. 3.
    Wireguard as a tunneling protocol.

How can I integrate it?

Using SDK

We provide comprehensive, easy to use development kits for major mobile platforms:
Also, we're near to release kits for next desktop platforms:
  • WIndows (coming soon).
  • MacOS (coming soon).
Want more platforms? Send us a request, we'll do all our best.

Using API

We provide OpenAPI description for all our API, used by client applications. Please, refer to Client API page for details.

How can I test my application?

Using our infrastructure

We provide dedicated configuration for testing needs before you push everything to production. You will receive testing credentials along with SDK source code.

Using your own infrastructure

We provide a backend demo kit, which give you most basic abilities - authenticate, discover and preform VPN tunneling. You'll have access to the source code of demo kit, so you can also implement your own tricky way of authentication and discover. Check next section for details.

I want something strange and unusual!

Our infrastructure is very flexible. We can provide you next abilities:
  • Authenticate users on your own. Just give us your JWT public key.
  • Synchronize your locations in real time, so you can even do your own discovery service.
  • Directly receive events for your user activity.
Want more? Send us a request, we'll do all our best.

Can I check it before jumping in?

Sure. We have a demo applications for all released platforms.
  • Google Android: take a prebuilt demo APK and the source code from github repo.
  • Apple iOS: join the testflight and take the code from github repo.